Intentional Technology.

Black Sea Systems is not your traditional, reactionary IT consulting firm. We offer comprehensive and proactive IT management in place of typical break-fix solution. Our professionals can be "firefighters" and they can put out some serious fires if needed. However, we prefer to do regular service and maintenance instead of "firefighting" because that is the best prevention against lost productivity due to unexpected IT systems downtime.

Our approach eliminates complicated hourly billing and allows our clients to anticipate costs. Additionally, our proven methods will decrease downtime and reduce the risk of catastrophic failure. Black Sea Systems is not your traditional, reactionary IT consulting firm. Our unique approach brings many advantages including:

  • Complete and comprehensive IT services
  • Proactive monitoring of all information systems and complete IT support
  • Assigned and dedicated IT personell
  • Increased employee productivity due to reduced downtime
  • Simple and predictable price structure

Black Sea Systems Prices and Rates

As we mentioned above, Black Sea Systems offers comprehensive and proactive IT managed services that starts at $100 per month, per user supported by Black Sea Systems.

IT Service includes:

  • 24/7 monitoring of all servers and computers
  • 24/7 on-site, off-site support
  • Preventive maintenance and care
  • Monthly update management and patch installation

If you want to calculate a typical monthly cost for Black Sea Systems IT services, use this simple formula:

Number of employees X $100 = Total monthly cost of IT services

Example: A total monthly bill for a company with 10 employees will be $1,000. Annual cost of all IT services provided by Black Sea Systems will be $12,000.

True Cost of "Break-Fix" IT Services

Have you ever wondered what is the real cost of unexpected downtime of IT systems in your organization? If you really want to know, use this simple formula:

Annual Revenue in $ / 2080 = Average Earning per Hour in $

The result of this division is an average revenue that your company earns every working hour. If your IT systems are down and employees in your organization cannot send e-mails, access the internet, obtain files from servers, etc.; your organization loses that average earning each hour the system is down.

Example: Company with annual revenue of $2,912,000 and ten employees earns on average $1,400 per working hour. This company has an unexpected IT systems interruption and shutdown at 6 AM. Each hour the IT systems are down, company books a loss of $1,400. By 12 PM when the IT systems are fully restored company accrued a total loss of $7,000.

Cost of Unmonitored IT System Shutdown

Synopsis of situation:

  • 6 AM: IT Systems unexpectedly shutdown. Access to e-mail, internet, user files on server are cut off.
    Total cost of downtime: $0
  • 7 AM: First employee arrives at the office and discovers that IT systems are down. Tries to contact organization's IT vendor.
    Total cost of downtime: $1,400
  • 8 AM: IT Vendor is notified about IT systems interruption.
    Total cost of downtime: $2,800
  • 9 AM: IT Vendor arrives at the office and starts performing troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem.
    Total cost of downtime: $4,200
  • 10 AM: IT Vendor continues troubleshooting and diagnosing the problem.
    Total cost of downtime: $5,600
  • 11 AM: IT Vendor corrects the issues with IT systems and finishes troubleshooting and diagnosing.
    Total cost of downtime: $7,000
  • 12 PM: IT Systems are fully operational and employees are able to work.
    Total cost of downtime: $7,000 + Cost of IT services rendered by IT vendor

As you can see, the example company accrued a loss of $7,000 within six hours. This amount does not include IT vendor billable hours for their IT services rendered. One incident like this can almost pay for the entire year of IT services provided by Black Sea Systems.

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