Intentional Technology.

With the overwhelming complexity of modern business networks it is becoming exceedingly difficult to maintain an efficient and well-documented network environment. Whether your organization is large enough to retain an in-house IT staff or relies upon outside firms, it is often beneficial to obtain an outside assessment of your IT systems.

Our IT Audit and Assessment consists of careful analysis of the technical and managerial aspects of your network. This process consists of several steps. First, we examine all physical hardware currently in use. During this step we determine the age of your systems and if any of them have reached end-of-life. This is determined by cross-referencing with industry best practices. We will also look for any malfunctioning or failed equipment. With the redundancy features that are built-in to most modern systems, this type of failure is often unnoticed as there is no interruption of service. This segment of our audit will empower you with a complete inventory of your physical systems as well as ensure that they are running at peak performance.

The second step of this process is an evaluation of the configuration of your network. During this step we examine the configuration of all servers, workstations, and network equipment (to include VoIP systems) and ensure that you are getting the most out of your IT investments. Our staff includes experts in all major server operating systems, virtualization infrastructure, desktop management, and information security. A common example is the configuration of a storage area network (SAN). A SAN is a powerful asset when configured correctly, but its configuration is extremely complex. As a result, many SANs are improperly configured or not being used properly. Another example is virus scanning and patch management. Global management of these systems is often difficult. During this step of the process we will check for and correct these types of issues.

Our services extend beyond the technical components of IT. If requested, we can examine the internal practices of your IT personnel. During this process we will determine if tasks are completed in the most efficient and secure manner. We can often accomplish this in a manner that does not alert your staff to our intentions. This is arguably the most important part of the process to ensure the continued efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

Once we have completed this exhaustive assessment of your IT assets, we will provide a comprehensive report with our recommendations to guarantee that your network is operating in the most efficient and secure manner possible. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our services.

Black Sea Systems clients' success stories from our IT audit and infrastructure assessment:

Our IT audit at the leading southeast life safety systems integrator saved 30% of the company's annual IT budget by following our recommendations of:
  • implementing comprehensive IT policies
  • changing IT support from break-fix approach to proactive IT management and monitoring
  • adding additional layers of protection against cyber-threats
  • integrating fail-safe technologies
  • properly utilizing all IT resources
  • improved employee productivity by completely eliminating any possibility of unexpected shutdowns

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