Intentional Technology.

One of the more complex tasks that an organization faces is researching, evaluating, and selecting new software packages and solutions to be implemented in an existing environment. There are an infinite number of factors that must be considered during this process. Often there are many different offerings for the type of product you are looking for and you feel obligated to evaluate each one. For these reasons, Black Sea Systems offers intelligent technology consulting and system integration services.

Whether you are looking to implement a new system or replace an existing one, Black Sea Systems takes the weight off your shoulders in product selection. We will carefully evaluate your current environment and determine what is needed in a product to integrate seamlessly both with your technical infrastructure and business workflow. We will do all necessary research and evaluation and then propose the solution that we believe would be the most functional for your environment. We are experts in the integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Student Information Systems (SIS).

Not only can we select the best applications for your business, we are also experts in systems integration on a more technical level. For example, we can fully integrate Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X computers on your network. We will leverage the combined power of Microsoft Active Directory and Apple Open Directory to create a single sign-on experience and comprehensive desktop management regardless of operating system. We can also integrate mobile devices of all major brands including Apple iOS, RIM Blackberry, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone 7 into your environment. We can accomplish this through the use of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and RIM Blackberry Enterprise Server. Finally, we can integrate software and hosted solutions that require authentication with your current directory service, resulting in a complete single sign-on experience.

Black Sea Systems clients' success:

  • Successful integration of CRM system for a Middle East company involved in manufacturing electrical utility products.
  • Changes and improvements to existing ERP system for a Middle East manufacturing company which allowed customer access to inventory availability and pricing, order and shipment tracking.
  • Successful ERP system integration of production and shipment tracking between North American distribution centers and Asian production facilities.

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