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Hosted Virtualization

Hosted virtualization is a perfect solution for small networks and companies that do not need to run a large number of virtual servers. Running one or two virtual servers on a hosted hypervisor is a great economical and scalable solution for small businesses. One popular product used for hosted virtualization is Microsoft Hyper-V. Hyper-V is already built-in to recent versions of frequently used operating systems such as MS Windows Server 2008 R2 and MS Windows Small Business Server 2011. By using this solution there is no added expense for the purchase of a hosted hypervisor license.

If your organization does not have the latest operating systems from Microsoft with built-in hosted hypervisors there are 3rd party solutions that can run on earlier versions of Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac Servers. VMware Server, Citrix XenServer or Parallels Server for Mac may fit your individual needs for hosted virtualization.

Our consultants have experience and are trained to install and maintain hosted hypervisors on existing or new systems. Many of our small business clients run hosted virtualization solutions as it is cost effective and meets their IT needs. Please call us and let us help you choose the right hosted hypervisor that will best meet your company's individual IT needs.

Hosted Virtualization and Desktop Computers

Hosted Virtualization is also very common on desktops, where some users need to run or test specific programs that may not be compatible or safe to run on host operating systems.

A very common solution among Apple computer users is to run VMware Fusion or Parallels Desktop for Mac virtualization programs that allow Mac OS X users to use MS Windows, Linux or other virtual operating systems on their Apple desktops and laptops.

Windows users may like programs such as VMware Player, VMware Workstation, Parallels Desktop for Windows or Citrix XenDesktop to run their virtual systems on their desktop computers.

Black Sea Systems has a good deal of experience with hosted virtualization on desktops. The majority of our consultants run hosted hypervisors on their desktops and laptops. Our consultants will gladly guide you to the right program and solution for hosted virtualization on your desktop computer that will fit your individual needs.

Hosted virtualization solutions deployed and supported by Black Sea Systems in various firms:


  • Apple iMac Desktop Computers
  • Apple MacBook Laptop Computers
  • Apple MacBook Pro Laptop Computers
  • Apple Mac Pro Desktop Computers
  • Apple Mac Mini Server Computers
  • Dell Latitude Laptop Computers
  • Dell Optiplex Desktop Computers
  • Dell PowerEdge Server Computers
  • Dell Vostro Desktop Computers


  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • MS Hyper-V
  • Parallels Desktop for Mac
  • Parallels Desktop for Windows
  • VMware Fusion
  • VMware Player
  • VMware Server
  • VMware Workstation

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