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Our consultants have over 20+ combined years experience meeting the dynamic needs of K-12 schools. The mixture of faculty, staff, student and guest users on the network demands ease of use while maintaining high availability and security. This must be achieved within the limited budget the school faces. These constraints demand creative and purposeful technical solutions.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Managing and processing student records and family data can be a challenge. Many schools are faced with thousands of paper cumulative files. They can be difficult to secure and physically store as students graduate each year. Converting these files to electronic records is a great solution. However, the task can be daunting and presents new challenges in regards to ensuring the security of the files. Our professionals can partner with your school to develop a strategy for scanning student records and safeguarding them against data loss or identity theft. We can help you achieve your data conversion and train your faculty and staff on accessing your student and family records quickly and securely.

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires schools to implement measures to safeguard students from accessing inappropriate content while using the school's computer network. Effectively, maintaining CIPA compliance becomes challenging as students gain access to personal mobile devices such as laptops, tablet PCs, MP3 players, and WiFi-enabled phones. Our professionals have first-hand experience ensuring the safety and productivity of internet access at school. Black Sea Systems can help you simplify the task of protecting students and empowering your faculty while fully maintaining CIPA compliance for your school.

Another challenge schools face is keeping access to the computer-based systems easy to use for the faculty. It takes many software packages, databases, and computer systems to run a private school. Independent schools often do not have the IT resources of large school districts. The result is many systems with separate accounts on each. Faculty and staff seem to be entering a different user name and password for each system. This leads to the usage of weak passwords which compromises the integrity of grades, attendance, and family data.

Black Sea Systems can evaluate the usage of your systems and help you consolidate accounts. We have successfully helped schools integrate software systems, Windows, Mac and Linux computers into an existing Active Directory or Open Directory. Account consolidation provides a single point of authentication and one password for your users to keep up with.

From content filtering and web security to managing student information systems and student records, we can help your school meet twenty-first century challenges. Our professionals are experienced in solving technology challenges in schools. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more information. Here is an overview of systems Black Sea Systems can help deploy in your school.

  • Content filter integrations

  • Directory integration in mixed platform environments to include Active Directory and Open Directory with Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

  • Use of VMware and Hyper-V to migrate physical servers to virtual servers.

  • Single account and password for each employee and student.

  • Database integration and ODBC implementation.

  • Support for student information systems such as PowerSchool, RenWeb, Blackbaud, Rediker, etc.

  • Remote access and VPN installation, allowing faculty and staff to work from off campus.

  • Student and family data security auditing.


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