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Architects and Real Estate Developers

Black Sea Systems has been providing real estate developers with powerful, reliable, and accessible solutions for more than a decade. We have partnered with architects, real estate developers, and apartment management companies across the southeast to fulfill the unique and challenging needs of the industry... Read more

Banking & Financial Services

Today's financial professionals face the difficult challenge of providing reliable and accurate data to their clients. In addition to high expectation of accuracy, financial professionals are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their clients' most precious data. Black Sea Systems provides CPAs and Financial Advising Firms with rock-solid solutions that meet the high expectations of accuracy in the industry while maintaining necessary compliance... Read more


Our consultants have over 30+ combined years experience meeting the dynamic needs of K-12 schools. The mixture of faculty, staff, student and guest users on the network demands ease of use while maintaining high availability and security. This must be achieved within the limited budget the school faces. These constraints demand creative and purposeful technical solutions... Read more

Family Entertainment

Black Sea Systems has partnered with clients in the family entertainment industry to increase productivity through providing high availability of their computer-based systems. Our consultants have proven success in the deployment and management of various point-of-sale (POS) and booking systems. We have helped our clients design POS systems that maximize up-time through redundancy and detailed disaster recovery plans... Read more

Medical Technology

Black Sea Systems has partnered with healthcare providers across the southeast and is providing them with highly available, robust, and secure computer-based systems. As healthcare providers rely more upon electronic medical records and practice management, it has become essential that the computer-based systems implemented throughout medical practices are held to the highest standards of quality. Our Professionals have been meeting this expectation for over a decade... Read more


In an ever-changing marketplace, Black Sea Systems is helping insurance agencies leverage the latest technology to provide services that meet the needs of their policy holders. We serve clients in many segments of the industry including life and asset management, property and casualty, and health. Our professionals are experts in the technology needs of each of these segments and we specialize in Independent retail agencies and wholesale brokers... Read more

Legal Professionals

Black Sea Systems has partnered with some of the most prestigious law firms across the U.S. and is providing them with highly secure, robust, and scalable computer infrastructures. As a result, our professionals have gained a unique perspective on the technology needs of law firms and their employees... Read more


Black Sea Systems has earned recognition in information technology integration for the manufacturing industry. Systems that we have developed and implemented have streamlined management of various levels of our clients' manufacturing process. Our solutions have provided for the gathering of essential business intelligence and allowed for an efficient decision making process... Read more

IT Solutions
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