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Black Sea Systems has partnered with some of the most prestigious law firms across the U.S. and is providing them with highly secure, robust, and scalable computer infrastructures. As a result, our professionals have gained a unique perspective on the technology needs of law firms and their employees.

Legal Professionals

Naturally, one of the primary concerns associated with the implementation of computer-based systems for law firms is maintaining attorney-client privilege. To that end, Black Sea Systems offers a comprehensive security solution for your network. Not only will we ensure that your servers are protected against attack, but we also offer security awareness training to educate your employees in best security practices. We understand that much of your work is done out of the office, so we will also use the latest management tools to ensure that your firm's mobile devices and remote access solutions do not compromise your client data.

In addition to ensuring that your law firm maintains a high level of security, Black Sea Systems can also implement cutting edge web-based document and case management systems. If your firm already uses a document or case management system, our professionals can provide unique management and monitoring services that will ensure that your firm is using this system to maintain a cohesive workflow. If your firm does not maintain electronic records, our professionals can help select and implement the right solution for your workflow. We can also assist with data conversion and ensure that your new system integrates with your existing technology infrastructure.

We understand that billing and time-tracking are an essential part of your business. For this reason, we provide installation and support for several versatile time-tracking and billing products. These include on-premise packages such as Sage Timeslips and hosted solutions such as Bill4Time. These robust tools can handle all aspects of your billing cycle. They also provide multiple avenues for tracking time, reporting expenses, and sending bills. Whether you need to track time from your mobile device, keep track of expenses while traveling, or bill a client remotely, we can handle all your billing needs.

While all the solutions outlined above are essential to creating a cohesive technology environment for your law firm, these are not the only services that we offer. We can also provide data forensics and electronic discovery services to assist your law firm in technology related cases. We are proficient in industry standard solutions such as Guidance EnCase eDiscovery. We have assisted law firms with this in the past and our security specialists can serve as expert witnesses if necessary.

Whether your firm is looking to implement a new technology infrastructure or requires assistance in data forensics, we would be delighted to implement and manage all your technology needs. Please feel free to contact us today to ensure the security of your network, maintain efficient communications, and provide for the technical elements of your cases.

Legal Professionals

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